Provencal specialties

Sunshine on our plates

Healthy eating par excellence, enjoy the small plates of Mediterranean cuisine. By giving preference to food variety, they come as close as possible to the nutritional recommendations. But it is also a way of life that can be inspired every day: a balanced diet and meals together...


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Domains, cellars and castles

Initially characterized by rustic aromas – blackcurrant, raspberry, blackberry, peony – the red wines of Bandol acquire after four or five years in the bottle specific aromas of truffles and undergrowth, liquorice, cinnamon or musk.

In Bandol rosés, the aromatic expression is organized around red fruits or the fairly characteristic peach-apricot couple with, depending on the terroir, nuances of pineapple, fennel or mint.

The white wines of Bandol express either an olfactory palette in the fruity series – grapefruit or dried fruits, or a bouquet in the floral series – white flowers (linden), or yellow flowers (broom).


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